About Michigan Headline News:

Michigan Headline News offers low cost news casts for Michigan's small market radio stations for a flat monthly fee. There's no barter for the service and there are no commercials embedded in the newscasts. If you choose to have the news sponsored to offset the cost of the service, that's up to you. Cost is dependent on market size. Newscasts are 2 minutes in length. If you have the software to automatically insert the newscasts into your automation, then this can be a hands off service. We offer network style newscasts to keep cost for you, the subscriber, to a minimum. For more information, please contact Tony Fly, tfly@michiganheadlinenews.com

Current Affiliates: WEEH-FM Hart, Mi.

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  • Email: mhn@michiganheadlinenews.com
  • Phone: 616.777.0343